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About Cerma

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About our company

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Cerma  was developed in 2001 by John Murray, chief chemist for Motor Works, LLC. for racing engines.  After 5 years of extensive testing and real world use in professional racing, Cerma was released for sale to the general public under the name of Cermax®.

All Cerma products are now being offered factory direct, keeping the cost low and the quality control high. Available for purchase only at the Cerma website,  Although we still have rep's and they may have their own website to represent our fine products, when it comes time to buy the product, you will be directed here to complete that purchase and products will be sent directly to you from our Cerma factory.  No middle man = better dollar value for you.

There is no substitute for original time tested Cerma products. Cermax® now known as Cerma is the only product of it's kind to qualify for product liability insurance, due to over 5 years of testing that resulted in "zero" negative effects in it's normal use.  In 2008 Cermax® was renamed "Cerma".


Cermastore is owned by the original inventors of this technology and we are the original author on of the theft of our product name Cermax® back in 2008.

We have since regained control of that name and continue to offer the original proven products, formally sold under the Cermax® label. is owned and operated by John Murray.  Cermastore and it's products have no affiliation with Safer Technologies, Inc., Cerma Technology, Inc., George Ackerman, Nicholas Streit, Tim Streit or the company now known as Ceramic Performance Worldwide Inc. offering their product called Cerbond® That as of 10/11/2010 was insured by Safer Technologies, Inc. 

Safer Technologies Inc. was the company that falsly represented it's self as the original makers of Motor Works LLC product Cermax® back in 2008.
Since then John Murray DBA Cerma, Motor Works, LLC., have prevailed in federal court to regain control of,and the trade name Cermax®.  SEE COURT DECISION 

Here at Cermastore you can be sure that the products you are purchasing are the real, original product, as invented by John Murray in 2001.  All data shown on this site is the original data as tested and paid for by John Murray DBA Motor Works, LLC.  Although you may find similar data sheets with other product names being used, they are  plagiarized from our originals.

If it does not show Cerma's logo STM-3® it is a knock off of our original time tested, patent pending technology. U.S. and foreign patent's for this technology filed in 2003 naming John Murray as inventor

Only buy from Cerma distributors that present the STM-3® logo. The STM-3® logo is your guarantee that you are getting the real original Cerma, tested, and insured product.

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  Professionals trust Cerma with STM-3® to win races & save life's !









Cerma, Cerma with STM-3® and Cermax® are trademarks of Motor Works, LLC. 2010

 All right reserved.



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