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Cermax contact page

At Cerma Store, we believe the client comes first.

We are here to service your needs and will do everything possible to respond to those needs. Our product line includes Cerma branded products, Cermax, Autocerm, Cermaguard.

With today's economy we have decided here at Cerma Store to rename the above product Cerma with STM-3 and distribute factory direct to the end user, thereby allowing us to offer our fine Cerma products at a economy busting price. You can send Cerma sales a message using the form below.

You may call, write, or be connected immediatly from this page via phone by clicking the link below



Cerma Industries LLC.

1913 Shannon Road.

Denison, Texas  75020

Offices : 800-917-6762 PBX.

Office Direct: 903-361-2696

Fax: 866-496-3103

Tech support,


Technical Support Line (310) 617-5757  (10:00 AM to 10:00 PM)

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